How to work hard and enjoy your life?

After a period of time struggling with myself about boring life, unhappiness, I decided to make some changes. One month later, right now I feel life much more enjoyable, my working is more efficient than ever. This happened because of 1% Improvement technic that I tried helps me a lot, and it could help you too.

What is 1% Positive daily technic?

Almost people want to have instant big improvements, unfortunately, we are not superman and we must accept reality we always keep high attitude and willingness at the beginning, after several days, we come back to normal life and bad habit like nothing happened before. Because changing our habit is not easy, we must need average 60 days to create a new habit. In contrast, if we keep only small improvements but do consistently, we can have very big income at last. Use a mathematic statement, we can have more than 37 times growth. But if you do less 1% daily, you will see a deathly step back. Wow, It’s a significant change.

Focus on improvements.

When use 1% technic, it helps you focus on improvement. Like one of my favourite quote of T.Harv. Eker: “Where attention goes, energy flows, results show!”

Audit your growth.

In order to use efficient 1% technic, I noted down all works that I think can help me make some positive changes each day. Audit your works not only help you track what good or bad, you can also know your success progress. In my example, I need to lose weight (hmm, I’m nearly 68 kgs right now!), so I track daily my weight, if the next day I find out I gain more weight, I know I must make some changes right now like eat less rice, do more exercise and so on.

Bonus: Learn Steve Jobs to ask yourself at the begin of each day. “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?”


Hope you enjoy these technics and please leave your own experience or another idea at comment. Share them if they can help you like I am.

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