How to get things done?

One of the biggest problems I face not only when start up but also in studying, working at the office is getting things done. I’ve read many books and tips about time management, how to work effective and so on. I tried most of them and with my own experience, I found some tips work best. At least, I ensure you will not have feeling sad when a day flies away but there are so many un-checked to-do list anymore when applying these tricks!

1. Present
In my opinion, the most important tip is let your to-do list present in front of your eyes, I think to apply this simple trick can help you work 30% more productive. This way will remind you that some things need to be done and help you focus on them for sure. You can note your works on a note paper and stick it at the mirror, refrigerator door, working table, laptop screen and so on (just where you must have a look a least 3-4 times a day).

2. Priority and not multitasking.
You can have many things need to be done a day, but due to lack of your resources (time, healthy, etc), you must choose ONLY 2-3 top priority works to deal with each day. Some days, I choose only one most important work which is most valuable for my list.

Please do seperately a work a time. Although you have 2 arms but mother nature give us only one head ^^. When you focus one thing, you can do it much more productive.

Note: Remember DON’T over estimate yourself :).

3. Deadline
If your works don’t have deadlines, that means they can be never done. You will delay it for days, weeks, until you forget them ^^. But having deadline is just a first part, to completely do good work, you shouldn’t delay your deadlines either. To deal with deadlines, please remember this recommendation of rich dad on “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” book – “Your future is created by what you do TODAY, not tomorrow”. => don’t go to sleep until your works are done. You can have a little bit lack of sleep but good one and you wouldn’t blame yourself next day :).


4. Eat the frog firstly.
Most of us will do the easy part firstly, at the end of day we realize that we don’t have much time left for hard works. In addition, we feel tired and don’t have much energy left, so that works are set on next day. However, your hardest works are the most valuable ones and I believe these works can be delayed day after day by the same reason (Yes, I was the same too!). Please eat your frog firstly and you will find out that it is not so disgusting as your think.

Bonus: A tips for this hard work is just do it. I usually spend most of time just for hesitation.

5. Cut off your distraction.
Turn off your phone (or keep it silence), email notifications, don’t visit Facebook, news site until you get things done.

6. Create getting things done habit!

Every body has equal time resource, but the fact is, when we always complain that we do not have enough time there are so many people use their time much more wisely. Done is better than perfect, so don’t take too much time for make your works done perfectly. By applying these tips for 30-60 days and create your own style, you will become a millionaire time and get much more happiness.

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